How it works


This revolutionary program is conceived and designed by well-known net marketer Toni Cvetanovski in cooperation with the leading team of programmers. By combining matrix and Cyclers, it is created a system that simultaneously fills out dawnline and all levels in the system. It is impossible to develop one side more than the other. With progressing through the levels, you constantly get new positions in the system. Each position brings the potential earnings of 250 BTC, and each position in the system has that value. You can earn 20 BTC for each position, by monthly subscription. And not just once, but every month over and over again. The whole system is automatically designed. With one-time payment of 0.06 BTC you will become an active member of the Xpander team.

By building a network of user Xpander platform through the system you will get additional positions. By inviting your friends to join the Xpander team, you will accelerate your earnings and also, you will get new members and build your "tree of happiness" by forsed method that is included in this system.

We are starting with the matrix M1, after a specific time and filled 27 level in M1, there will be a split and then we are launching a new matrix M2. And after the third split all positions in M1 will achieve the same earnings. That is why is never to late to join the Xpander and to become an active member. The same procedure is repeated for the matrix M2, then for the matrix M3, and many more matrices, because this system has no end. Each matrix will have three splits, and after each first split it will be open a new matrix, and after the third split each position in the matrix will have the same average earnings.

Now you are wondering what is your job in XPANDER? I'll tell you right away. Share information related to Jolly5Xpander with your friends, by doing daily tasks and enjoy the profit which the Xpander brings you.

Compensation Plan

Xpander is designed and tested so that downline and levels fill identical. With no cycler, downline and last filled level would only differ 1 to 2 levels, but with cyclers, downline literally cannot escape more levels in each level. In that way, whether we want or not, system fills an empty position in each row.

  • Registration

    Each position in Jolly5Xpanderu brings you the potential earnings of 250btc and more. After registration, by payment of 0.06 BTC you will get two positions in XPANDER M1. With further progress through the system, you will get new positions in the Cycler and the Xpander M1, over and over again.

  • Assignments (Tasks)

    In order to release your earnings it is necessary to perform 5 tasks a week, or 20 tasks per month. Payment of your earnings depends on % of performed tasks. So, do not skip tasks, you need only a few minutes during the day for that.

  • Subscribe

    The monthly subscription is paying for each position in the system. Also, each position can bring you earnings of 20 BTC monthly. In this system is avoided the domino effect because the system pays monthly subscription for those positions that have not made a profit yet.

  • Payment

    The accounting period is 30 days, from the day of payment of positions/cyclers. All that you earn in one accounting period you will be able to pay off when that period expires. How much money you will pay off depends on % of performed tasks.

  • Products

    Another way to earn. Digital products, software and mobile applications are offered on the platform, as an additional opportunity of earnings for all members. Work on products development will be continuous and constantly improving.
    By using products, your matrix and Cycler positions will also be filled.

  • The future in the Xpander

    After the third split of Xpander M1, there will be a phase of development of stock market positions and converting each position in JollyCoin, new cryptocurrency that will be placed on the market.
    So, get your Xpander M1 positions in time.

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