1. What is Jolly5Xpander?
Xpander is a revolutionary program in the world of MLM marketing. An explosion in internet earning. It’s a new carefully designed system which guarantees earnings for every member.

2. How does Jolly5Xpander work?
Jolly5Xpander is MLM company which specializes in selling digital products via the internet. By registering on the site and paying a monthly membership fee every user of this platform becomes an active member and participant that allows earnings in Jolly5Xpander.

3. How do I join Jolly5Xpander?
Get in touch with the person who invited you to provide you with their own unique invite link. Use that link to sign up.

4. Is Jolly5Xpander available worldwide?
Yes, Jolly5Xpander is available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to become a member.

5. What kind of products does Jolly5Xpander have?
Jolly5Xpander products are digital in which every member will get on their user account. Android application, Xpander digital shop.

6. How much does the Membership cost?
Purchase of a position in the Xpander X1 costs 0.006 BTC, and purchase of a position in the Xpander X2 costs $ 30. It is also possible to buy a package with a larger number of positions, which will bring you higher earnings for each position.

7. What are the risks?
There is no risk that you will lose money with our company

8. What pay processors are used in the Xpander?
In the Xpander X1, the payment is made via bitcoin wallet, in the Xpander X2, the payment is possible on advcash or some other processor.

9. Can I have more than one account?
You can, but it is not necessary because with one account you can open multiple positions, and you can buy more positions with CB or add money to the balance and purchase additional positions.

10. Do we have to pay the subscribe every month?
Yes, there is a membership fee to be paid every 30 days. The system automatically removes that amount from your account.

11. Are there any refunds?
There is no possibility of a refund. When money enters the system, it’s automatically divided into two positions and goes to two different accounts so that there is no possibility of a refund.

12. Isn't this like a Ponzi scheme?
No, this is MLM marketing with a product, and the method of allocating funds is not based on the pyramid scheme. It’s not Ponzi because there is a legally registered company that deals with investments in the development of the software and application.

13. What are the payment options in Jolly5Xpander?
Payments are made after the expiration of 30 days. The payment depends on the percentage of solved tasks. Each user is required to do 5 tasks per week or 20 tasks per month. Each task allows 5% payment of earned profit. The user who performs 20 tasks per month will be able to pay off 100% of earned profit. If you do not complete all the tasks, your earnings won’t be transferred to the next month.

14. How can I build a business without investing a lot of money?
In Jolly5Xpander is enough to register and pay a membership fee, to be able to use the platform. It’s not necessary to invest a lot of money to start earning on this platform.

15. How do I learn how to become successful in Jolly5Xpander?
In the platform, there are Educational and Training Center which explains in detail how to successfully use all the advantages and opportunities that the site offers and all auxiliary tools for the easier understanding of processors and marketing.

16. My sponsor doesn't support me. Can I get a new sponsor?
No, you cannot change sponsor. Positions are assigned by registering and buying a position, because of this it’s not possible to change sponsors.

17. Can Jolly5Xpander be done successfully part-time?
Jolly5Xpander allows you to earn by working few hours a day. You choose the time and place of work.

18. How can I motivate people to buy products at Jolly5Xpander?
Your success achieved by using Jolly5Xpander platform will be the best motivation for all future users. Jolly5Xpander marketing team provided promotional material (banners, images, blogs) to be used in the promotion of the site. With a little effort, success is guaranteed with Jolly5Xpander team.

19. Why are we different from others?
Jolly5Xpaner is different from other platforms because of its unique idea and the possibility for all users to make a profit. This program is designed as a special project by experts team of managers and programmers who have developed a complete system from beginning to end. This is a unique way of MLM business, which will allow long-term and stable earnings.