Educational and Training Center


Few words about Educational and Training Center in Xpander:
1. In Educational Center will be all explanations, video tutorials and files in pdf format about the work of Xpander and about way that processor works, for beginners.
2. Training Center - here will be video clips and education from places where will be 7 days of training and education for members who have Stage 4 (to receive full earnings at Stage 4) at least for one position. Those members who finish the training in one of our Xpander camps, in summer at the seaside or a lake, and in winter on the mountain, will receive Xpander diploma and Xpander system will award them with positions - it will have priority positions that are obtained by forced method from cyclers, and their progress will be faster. In every "Xpander Camp" will be paid to a certain number of members who will be selected based on the achieved success in the Xpander, other members will be able to attend these training and the costs of camping will pay themselves.At these training, beside improvement of Xpander system, will be lecturers for on-line marketing, successful people of MLM marketing, etc.

Jolly5 Consulting


Jolly5 Consulting is a registered company which is engaged in research and development in natural and technical sciences. The research focus has been placed on currency blockchain and technology, as well as software and mobile applications.One of the biggest projects of the company is site Jolly5Xpander. The platform is the result of the team and it has been developed based on the idea of the founder and owner of the company, and the platform itself will be constantly upgraded and will offer even more profit to all active registered members. Xpander is a revolutionary program that enables all users to earn. With one-time payment of 0.06 BTC you will become an active member of the Xpander Team. The company is engaged in the research of software and mobile applications and the all products of the company will be placed across the platform of Jolly5Xpander. Profit is possible in several ways. By registration and payment you will receive two positions in the system Xpander M1. Each position brings the potential earnings of 243 BTC. By further progress through the system, you will get new positions in Xpander M1, over and over again. By building a network of user Xpander platform through the system, you will receive more positions that will also bring you potential earnings from 243 BTC and more. By inviting your friends to join the Xpander team, you will accelerate your earnings, and you will also get new members and build your "tree of happiness" by forsed method that is included in this system.Now you are wondering what is your job in Xpander? I'll tell you right away: Share information related to Jolly5Xpander with your friends and enjoy in the profit which Xpander brings you.After the third split Xpander M1, there will be a phase of development of stock market positions and converting each position in JollyCoin new currency that will be placed on the market. So make sure that you ensure your Xpander M1 positions in time.



Info: Instead 10/05/2017 Cycler C7 will start 11/05/2017.We made some changes so that all members have a balanced earnings in both cycling:
- When C7 Cycling the first time you get: 250 positions in M1 Xpander, position in the Cycler C6, position in Cycler C7, and earnings on Current balance of 6.7 BTC.
- When C7 Cycling the second time you get: 250 positions in M1 Xpander, position in the Cycler C6 and earnings on Current balance of 6.7 BTC.Total: C7 brings you 500 positions in Xpander M1, 2 positions in the Cycler C6, and one position in C7, and a total earnings of 13.4 BTC.If we calculate and the earnings in C6, that is an additional 10.4 BTC and 80 new positions in Xpander M1.

Jolly5Xpander wallet


Money that you earn in Jolly5Xpander will be shown in 3 different balances. All earned money in 30 days will be shown on Reserve balance (RB). From this balance system automatically upgrade you to the next level and pays for new matrix and cycle positions. The rest of the money goes to the Current balance (CB). This is your potential earnings. What percentage will you withdraw depends on task percentage that you do. When you finish your everyday task program release 5% of your earnings and that money goes to My wallet (MW), from which you can withdraw your money after 30 days. Money from My wallet (MW) you can use to buy new matrix and cycle positions even before 30 days have past. In case you don't do all your tasks, money left on CB doesn't move to next month but it gets distributed among all other members that didn't earn any money until that point. Every month everything starts from zero.